Monday, January 24, 2011

Lemon Yellow Cake

By: Linda Warenski

1 small box Lemon Jello
1 Pkg. Yellow Lemon cake mix - Betty Crocker
2/3 Cup cooking oil
3/4 Cup water
4 eggs
1 pkg lemon aid Kool-Aid punch mix

Put all in the bowl, beat for 4 min. use a 9x13 pan. Bake at 350' for 30 to 40 min.


2 Lemons
2 cup Powder sugar

While the cake is cooking:

Grate the 2 lemons rin
Juice the 2 lemons

Place grated lemon rin, lemon juice in a bowl then mix in the 2 cups powder sugar mix well and set aside.

When the cake has finished cooking let cool 5 min then pock holes all over the cake then pour the lemon sugar mixture over the cake. Let it set for 2-3 hours before serving. It well keep fresh for a few days.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas 2009

Merry Christmas to all of our friends and family!!

You just can't have Christmas without watching The Christmas Story! We came home Christmas Eve and turned off of state street and turned on 100 east in Pleasant grove. and just behide the Purple Turtle there is a shop with this in the window. I just had to take a picture. It has never been my favorite movie but my family and every one I seem Know Loves it. So This is for all that have a love for that movie. The Christmas Story.

We had a great Christmas eve party at Rosie and Mark's new house! we had great food and a really good dessert.

Mile's Smelling his Orange he got from Santa

One of the gifts Miles got from Grandpa & Grandma

Ethan opening some gifts

Santa brought Christmas books for all the boy's with a Big big orange.
Blake got the book laughing all the way.

Tait got some great books for Santa in that big Red Santa bag
always leaves with a knok at the door.

Even Little Jake had a great time opening gifts and playing with the wrapping paper.

All the girls got cake savers from Mom & Dad. And Mark said that they all had to bring him cake at least once.

All the Boys got the lock lid bowls to put in all the Christmas leftover to take to work for lunch.

I think you could say that Amanda Loved the gift from the Curtis.

Mom came and she eat and eat all the great food. And it was nice to have her there for Christmas Eve. My sister and brother and I and Mike & Becky went in on a fancy new toaster Oven that is push button.

Miles and Ethan had to sit on Grandma's lap with Grandpa

Mile smile!

I hope all of you have had a Merry Christmas and well have a Happy New Year.

Monday, October 5, 2009

Fun! Conference Weekend with the Family

We had a great weekend with the kids. We all meet at our house at 7:30 am to drive to Provo to have family picture taken. It was cold but we had so much fun. Then we left and Mark and I treated all the kids to breakfast at Denny's in Orem. Then we went to our house to feed the babys and change clothes. Then off again we went for a ride around the Alpine loop and over to Cascade Springs. It was so Breath taking all the wonderful colors. Mark and I are so blessed to have such a great family!!!

Mark showing the boys deer in the trees eating the apples. He love all his Grandsons.

The Skinner Family

The Proctor Family

The Curtis Family

Here are some fun picture's of are trip around The Alpine Loop & Cascade Springs. Here are some picture of Mark and I greatest Blessing.

Tait Skinner

Blake Skinner

Miles Skinner

Jack Skinner

Ethan Proctor

Amanda giving her Dad a hard time.

Tater Bug teasing his grandpa!!

I must be getting old I love to just take picture's of the beautiful landscape's just to see how the will turn out with my little camera so here are a few I took that day.

Can you see the fish in the water?

Thanks Kids for a Wonderful Weekend!

Mom and Dad

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Hill Air Force Base Air Show 2009

We had a wonderful day.
With Mike, Becky,Grandm and Grandpa Proctor and Tait and Blake Skinner

Tait and Blake Skinner

This was a Forest fire plan.

Upside down